Equipping People in the Healing Process

Conferences and Small Group Series

Pursuing the Hidden Heart


  • DISCOVER, through an authentic community experience, why we often feel alone and settle for shallow, empty connections that fail to satisfy
  • UNCOVER deeply rooted lies that sabotage our true identity and keeps us from understanding our authentic self.
  • UNDERSTAND the effects that a secret life has on our personal lives and relationships.
  • EXPERIENCE a healing process through this small group workshop.  These workshops help people realize their need for real relationships, as well as a deeper understanding of how authentic relationships can change lives.
  • ESTABLISH an action plan for how you can build an authentic relationship with God, self, and others.

Discover the Person You Were Truly Meant to be

Pursuing the hidden heart

Unhealthy Patterns

In this powerful, life changing conference experience, participants are able to explore their harmful thinking and unhealthy behavioral patterns that have prevented them from becoming the people they truly long to be.

Pursuing the hidden heart


Using several safe small group exercises, we offer group members ways to unearth the roots of shame, guilt and fear in their lives.

Pursuing the hidden heart


This PTHH experience begins to establish powerful new thinking that brings group members to a place of strength and confidence, both personally and with others.

"It is my pleasure to write a recommendation to potential sponsors and attendees of the Pursuing the Hidden Heart Conference. I have attended two conferences, and in each, have been greatly blessed, as a professional and as an individual. I believe that this conference performs a critical service in furthering our work to reclaim health and dignity for people in our community and therefore strongly encourage individuals, businesses and churches to support this e ort in everyway possible."
Jim Cordell
PHD Counselor
“This conference has enriched my practice probably more than any other I have attended. The methods are tested, biblically accurate and easily incorporated. I am glad to see this conference return and hope to see it reach other communities.”
Julie Stevens
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
"The work is to unearth what we believe about ourselves, what leads us to form those beliefs – and then, if we dare, to allow worthy people to enter the sacred arena of those beliefs to bring truth and grace where we’ve only had silence and despair. We have this amazing opportunity to rewrite our understanding of our lives in a fallen world, and regain something of the glory in which we were created."
Kenan Ozturgut

Small Groups and Conferences

The Pursuing the Hidden Heart series of teachings are offered in two, convenient formats.

Conferences Info

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Pursuing the Hidden Heart

Pursuing the Hidden Heart Conference

Part 1 Understanding Our Shame

This will be a three day intensive training designed to focus on Discovering why we often feel alone and settle for shallow, empty connections that fail to satisfy.

Conference dates are March 16-18 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Registration will be open soon!

Small Group Series

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Pursuing the Hidden Heart

Pursuing the Hidden Heart Small Group Series

Part 2 Facing Our Shame

This is part 2 or a three part series of small group sessions. These sessions are spread out during several evenings and a few Saturdays to accommodate busy work and life schedules.

Small group series dates start January 17th, 2018.

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Pursuing the Hidden Heart Small Group Series and Conferences

Gene McConnell, Authentic Relationships

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We are personally vested in reconnecting you with lost dreams and help you find your misplaced passion.

To better serve those who wish to participate in an upcoming Pursing the Hidden Heart small group series, we would like to take just a little time to discuss your needs and goals going into this program.

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