Tackling the DEMAND that fuels the world-wide demand for women and children being sold into sex slavery

Partnering with national and international organizations to fight human sex trafficking

Human Sex Trafficking

Pursuing the Hidden Heart

Everyone longs for depth and intimacy in relationships, but many people settle for substitutes that fail to satisfy their natural longing.
PTHH workshops help people deal with deep rooted issues (sexual, emotional, spiritual) that have prevented them from achieving the intimacy they long for.
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Human Sex Trafficking

Authentic Manhood

We are redeeming true, authentic manhood and healthy masculinity.
Discover your TRUE strength. Recover your masculine heart. Experience REAL change
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Power of Porn

Power of Porn Initiative

Confronting the lies that pornography tells us. Healing the wounds behind why we consume.
Pornography is so pervasive in our society, that EVERYONE is exposed to it. Even our children. Pornography has been shown to be a "gateway" for the sex trade industry.
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Human Sex Trafficking exists only because of Demand

The fight against human sex trafficking has taken center stage nationally and internationally.  Local and national governments are devoting more resources and legislative power to fight it.  Law enforcement agencies are mobilizing to enforce more and new laws to bring criminals to justice.   Private organizations are doing more and more to help free the victims of sex trade from the perilous grasp of the industry, and help them heal and rebuild their lives.

We hear countless reports from news agencies who report on the latest sting or bust, whether large or small that seemingly shows the world is safe from wholesale slavery.

Yet it does not seem to end.  

And it won’t.

Why?  Because like any industry that profits from victimizing others, sex trafficking exists simply because it is WANTED.  We must address the DEMAND side of the problem to have any hope that this will change.

These are all to the problem of sex trafficking - not SOLUTIONS

A unique approach to the problem of human sex trafficking

It is bigger than the judicial side

Abolishment alone will NOT work
Human Sex Trafficking

Years of experience demonstrates that attempts to eradicate pornography and legislate the industry ALONE will never rid the world of its power.  Porn exists because  the lies it tells us are believed by millions that are experiencing brokenness in their lives.

We can outlaw prostitution.  We can demand stiffer punishments for those who are consumers and those who profit from it.  We can increase punishment for those who force women and children into the sex industry.  But that ALONE will not work.

Human Sex Trafficking
Human Sex Trafficking

We share in advocacy for the victims of human sex trafficking with many national and international organizations.  The exploitation of women and children leaves behind a wake of unimaginable devastation.  Yet, the impact and devastation also affects the consumer side, the ones who consume – the demand side.  We are dedicated to ending the harm caused by the exploitation of women and children by healing those who are meant to protect, and not harm.

Gene McConnell

Founder, Authentic Relationships International

What if we could end the demand?

One boy.  One young man.  One man at a time.

What if we could heal the empty brokenness in people’s lives that pornography and prostitution seek to fill?

It is possible.  

Resource for you

Shame Fuels Trafficking


Gene unpacks a vital message about the critical need we all have for intimacy, shedding light on true intimacy versus the illusion of intimacy.

He also explains that while shame disavows us of the notion that we are a candidate for love and true intimacy, the way out of addiction is building real intimacy and true connection.