You were meant for more than what you are experiencing

Healthy living through Authentic Relationships

Broken relationships?

Broken families?

Pornography addiction?

Consumption of sex-trafficking?

These are the outward signs of inward problems that CAN be healed!  

Authentic Relationships International offers three initiatives that offer HOPE, HEALING for EVERYONE

We have a deep need for authentic relationship with God and others

Our greatest need is to be truly known in the deepest places of our lives, totally bare with no secrets. 

We all desire deep inside to have what healthy relationships provide, things like love, tenderness, security, companionship, acceptance, and more. 

Without these vital things, we often turn to counterfeit substitutes such as addictions, pornography, prostitution and consumers of sex trafficking.

Authentic Relationships Int.

You were created for relationship

Our primary need is intimacy found in relationships.  

This need for intimacy is often sabotaged by our fear of abandonment and rejection.  Each of us have struggles, often with deeply rooted shame attached to them.  

These deep roots of shame become our identity.  We only see ourselves through what has happened to us or what we have done.

Authentic Relationships Int.

Shame sabotages your healing

• Can you imagine NOT struggling with who you were really created to be?

• Can you envision seeing yourself beyond your struggles and see real hope for change?

• Can you see a life fulfilled, lived to its fullest no matter what has happened to you, or even what you have done?

Human Sex Trafficking
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Authentic Relationships Int.

ARI's Initiatives to restore authentic relationships

Human Sex Trafficking

In this powerful, life changing conference experience, participants are able to explore their harmful thinking and unhealthy behavioral patterns that have prevented them from becoming the people they truly long to be.

A powerful, interactive small group series just for men. This is a place where men can safely enter and have open dialogue about the challenges we face as men. Healthy, masculine manhood is worth redeeming and vital to our society, culture and our families.

Our culture is saturated with messages that are distorting what healthy sexuality is supposed to be like. The demand that fuels pornography, prostitution and human sex trafficking is perpetuated by our culture's false narratives about what brings us love and fullfilment.

All three initiatives offer small group sessions online and in-person groups

The Pursuit of Health and Wellness

Looking for the ultimate, 3-day get-away that focuses on your total health and wellness?