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Iron Sharpens Iron
Men's conference

Network, Team-build, and connect with other men as we sharpen our understanding of authentic manhood God’s way.

Alaska Men’s Ministry 2020 Men’s Retreat

January 8, 2022 
Victory Bible Camp 

Kingdom Life Church
1301 W. 100th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99515

Gene McConnell will be a Keynote Presenter 

Authentic Manhood

Embrace the Purpose and Power of Being a Man

Alaska Men’s Ministry 2020 Men’s Retreat

February 21- 23, 2020 
Victory Bible Camp 

64741 Victory Road
Sutton, AK 99674

Gene McConnell will be a Keynote Presenter 

Gene McConnell

Seismic Shift

Living Out Your Faith in a Sex-Saturated Culture

Thursday, January 23, 2020 – 6:30 pm 
Denali Room, ChangePoint Main Campus
Anchorage, AK

Gene McConnell will be a Keynote Presenter at this event in cooperation with Priceless Alaska and Love Alaska.

Gene McConnell Keynote Speaker

Symposium “Trafficking in and to Germany” – Focus on Demand

Together against human trafficking

Gene McConnell is in Berlin, Germany as a plenary speaker and presenter.  This symposium is a focus on the demand side of human sex trafficking, and how to combat what is fueling the industry in Germany.  In addition to his speaking, Gene is presenting workshops on “Why men consume”, as well as valuable insights on the development of programs to address the problem.

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Power of Porn

What people are saying

Dear Gene,

Your workshop meant very much to me as I could relate very well to your own story.  Only about two months ago I stopped watching porn for good – due to some very important truths making their way from my mind into my heart.  I am not gritting my teeth anymore – or holding my breath as you put it.

Anyway I have never heard such a straightforward approach of the topic before in any of the churches I attended in Germany.  For this I see 2 main reasons:

Despite the scripture and the example of Jesus and Paul and others, many of the good leaders apparently believe that a true lasting walk in purity can only be attained by some lucky ones and therefore proclaiming such a walk as a standard would tend to bring condemnation on people.

Secondly I am afraid that many of the precious leaders don’t walk in true purity themselves.  Therefore there is a massive need for people like you pouring out their heart to people over here, both in and outside of the church….

With tons of appreciation for your boldness and dedication

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