Authentic Manhood

Redeeming Masculinity

Masculinity is under attack

True masculinity is meant to have impact in a positive way

A safe place for men

Authentic Relationships Int. hosts a powerful, interactive small group series just for men.  This is a place where men can safely enter and have open dialogue about the challenges we face as men.  Healthy, masculine manhood is worth redeeming and vital to our society, culture and our families.

Human Sex Trafficking

Dare to live

Be what God designed and created you to be

Authentic manhood

Recover your masculine heart

Learn to live with a combination of strength and tenderness

Authentic manhood

Have meaningful impact

True masculinity is meant to give life and bring about real change

We are restoring authentic manhood

Men’s mental, emotional and relational health are vital parts to what enables us to fulfill our God-ordained place in society.  

The issue of pornography, prostitution, sex-trafficking, rape and domestic violence will never change unless the MEN in our society change.

We are calling our men to discover their true strength.

We are calling our men to lead their families.

We are calling our men to protect the weak and innocent.

This can be your new REALITY

Experience what a redeemed man can have in life. 

Discover what a redeemed man can achieve.

Achieve your best life.