Ending Sexual Exploitation


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Shame is one of the biggest reasons why many resort to consuming pornography and prostitution, and fuels human sex trafficking world-wide.

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We live in a pornographic culture

Our culture is saturated with sexual messages bombarding every segment of our society. 

Did you know…

Every man, woman and child is a consumer of some form of pornography?  

Pornographic messages are woven into all aspects of our society.  You cannot go anywhere in our culture and not be exposed to sex-charged music, sex-charged images and sex-charged advertising.

Hardcore pornography’s expanse into the digital age has made access and consumption virtually unrestricted, even to our children. Healthy attitudes and the sexuality of our society is being distorted – the result often being the deterioration of relationships by the fantasy lie of pornography.

Everyone is a consumer

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Hardcore porn consumption is bigger than you thought

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Our true need is intimacy


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The message porn sends is that VALUE is placed on a body shape.  There is no regard for the heart, the mind and dreams that belong to the objectified people in pornograpic depictions. 

What we truly need is INTIMACY

As human beings we must have connection.  We need connection with God, with others and ourselves.  Intimacy has very little to do with sex.  Intimacy can be broken down into:


Our deepest longings is to be truly known and accepted in spite of our flaws, our mistakes and choices in the past.  Sadly, for many, the risk is perceived to be too great and we settle for shallow and unfulfilling relationships that leave us empty and searching.

Hope Restored featuring Gene McConnell

Did you know?  There is a strong link between pornography and human sex trafficking.

Prostitution & human sex trafficking

Dealing with Demand

The reason for every victim of human sex trafficking is because of demand.  Prostitution is alive and well because there is huge demand for it.  The world tries to respond by enacting stronger laws and stiffer punishments.  Though needed, the actual demand for prostitution and sex trafficking will not diminish with just these measures.  

Human Sex Trafficking
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Demand strips away humanity

When women are reduced to objects they become less than a person.  Victims of human sex trafficking and prostitution are treated like a body part or piece of meat.  

But she is somone's daughter sister mother

We Must Address the Demand Side of the Problem

Society has taught us to look at the fruit (addictions/compulsive behaviors) as the problem. We readily consume self-help books, go to counseling or treatment centers, turn to the church or religious institutions for help and guidance, or join one of the many anonymous groups in an effort to eliminate the behavior.

All too often, these well-meaning resources focus solely on eradicating the behavior—the fruit. But much like a tree that’s been pruned—having the branches/fruit cut off—the fruit temporarily goes away then often comes back later with a vengeance, stronger and more resilient than ever.

Until we attack the root of shame, we will not truly free ourselves of the behavior that is causing us and others harm. 

Getting to the root

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Real men, Real Women, Real stories

This is how we bring about real change that goes after the very heart of the demand side of prostitution and human sex trafficking.  

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