Gene McConnell, Authentic Relationships

Gene McConnell

Gene McConnell is one of America’s foremost experts on shame & its impact on one’s personal perception that effects all other relationships. His message helps identify and interpret the adverse consequences of societal trends that are engulfing our increasingly sexualized culture. Gene's work has taken him around the world developing youth camps, women's retreats, keynote speaking and has been hosted on radio and TV programs nationally and internationally. His education outreach extends to youth, individuals and organizations world-wide teaching about the foundational elements of building and maintaining healthy relationships in marriage, the workplace and the community. His proprietary programs, Pursuing the Hidden HeartTM, and The Power of PornTM, broke new ground by demonstrating the link between the root causes of shame, broken relationships, and the consumption of sexual images.

Notable Accomplishments


  • Gene has developed training for therapists, pastors, law enforcement officers, and medical professionals for over 31years focusing on education about pornography’s role in the exploitation of men, women and children in our society

  • Recognized by the Los Angeles county Board of Supervisors and awarded for outstanding leadership for his role in successfully controlling erotic material in their community, and significantly reducing the availability of hard-core obscenity and child pornography in the valley

  • Awarded special recognitions by the Vice Division of the Los Angeles Police department for his work with the law enforcement community

    Awarded the Community Ambassador Award by Priceless Alaska for his dedicated work to end human sex trafficking in Alaska, national and internationally.

  • In high demand as a speaker – to date has presented, “The Power of PornographyTM” to over 60,000 college students nationwide revealing the sexualization of our culture and it’s impact on our youngest generations

    • Plenary speaker at 2016 Abolition Summit in Kansas City – educated 700 world leaders engaged in the fight again sex trafficking about the link between the porn industry and sex trafficking through personal story

  • Contributing author as a subject matter expert on pornography and addiction for the American Association of Christian Counselors, Campus Crusade, Focus on the Family and Faithwire – published in over 14 different languages

    • Quoted in Ted Roberts’ book “Pure Desire”, and Megan Alexander’s book “Fatih in the Spotlight”

    As founder of Authentic Relationships International in 1999, Gene has served as a relational health coach, corporate leader, and consultant.  He has developed youth camps to reverse the trends of our sexualized culture, shame and self-image.  He has been keynote speaker for several men’s, women’s and, teen conferences, and developed proprietary programs such as Pursuing the Hidden HeartTM that addresses shame and its impact on individuals.