Relational Health Coaching for Marriages

Relational Health Coaching for Marriages

My approach is very simple.  Coaching someone is based on the belief that the individual has what it takes to recover and be healthy. The coaching role is to equip, empower and come alongside the individual as they do the work. There is no magic wand to fix our problems.  It takes hard work. The level of energy we put into working on ourselves determines the success of that effort.  My goal is to come alongside you as grow and change.

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My philosophy is that for the most part, people have what it takes to change and grow. What many people need are tools.  These tools are picked up in a mentoring relationship. I help individuals develop the skills and learn the tools in a supportive environment.

I don’t believe in being the professional fixer.  All that does is create a life time of people depending on someone else to restore their world. Because of the broken home crisis where over 50% of marriages end in divorce, there is a lack of mentoring.

All to often, very few of us learned how to do conflict in a healthy manner, so we avoid conflict at all cost. Yet in reality when two people with different views, experiences, values, perspectives and dreams come together, it is a natural and normal thing to have conflict.

Healthy conflict actually takes the relationship to a deeper level of intimacy, creating stronger bonds.

As healthy boundaries are set in relationships, we work through conflict, live and relate authentically.  We learn how to respond, how to listen, have empathy, how to love from the heart and know how to be angry in a healthy way.


We were designed for love and intimacy.  Our connection with others brings the energy we need for life. When we feel fully known, loved and accepted for who we are – we are at our best. We all desire intimacy in our marriages. We long to have someone in our lives that we feel close to, that understands us and believes in us. We want a life companion committed to walk alongside of us through the thick and thin.

 But things can happen in the our marriage that can create distance, anger, fear, rejection, loss of connection, broken trust, betrayal, abandonment, unresolved conflict, financial stress, being controlled, being lied to, affairs, use of porn, addiction, domestic violence, neglect and emotional abuse. These all create barriers to us experiencing full connection in our marriage.
We must discover the barriers in our life and marriage that are getting in the way of our trust, being vulnerable, being honest, entering conflict, being vulnerable when hurt, avoiding addictions and not forgiving our spouse.
Many of us lack the relational skills such as conflict resolution, dealing with anger and other coping skills that help prevent marital breakdowns.  We often tap into unhealthy core beliefs we learned in childhood years. We work to help change unhealthy relational patterns, and help people achieve relational health.

Are you ready for healing and change?

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