Relational Health Coaching for Families

Relational Health Coaching for Families

Coaching? Why coaching instead of counseling?

My approach is very simple.  Coaching someone is based on the belief that the individual has what it takes to recover and be healthy. The coaching role is to equip, empower and come alongside the individual as they do the work. There is no magic wand to fix our problems.  It takes hard work. The level of energy we put into working on ourselves determines the success of that effort.  My goal is to come alongside you as grow and change.

Fulfillment through authentic relationships

My philosophy is that for the most part, people have what it takes to change and grow. What many people need are tools.  These tools are picked up in a mentoring relationship. I help individuals develop the skills and learn the tools in a supportive environment.

I don’t believe in being the professional fixer.  All that does is create a life time of people depending on someone else to restore their world. Because of the broken home crisis where over 50% of marriages end in divorce, there is a lack of mentoring.

All to often, very few of us learned how to do conflict in a healthy manner, so we avoid conflict at all cost. Yet in reality when two people with different views, experiences, values, perspectives and dreams come together, it is a natural and normal thing to have conflict.

Healthy conflict actually takes the relationship to a deeper level of intimacy, creating stronger bonds.

As healthy boundaries are set in relationships, we work through conflict, live and relate authentically.  We learn how to respond, how to listen, have empathy, how to love from the heart and know how to be angry in a healthy way.


The family unit is the most important unit in our society. The health of a community is determined by the health of its families. If the family breaks down then many times it has a huge impact on our community.
Jail, court, addictions, mental health problems, financial challenges, suicide and divorce are some of the many problems that occur as a result of the break down of the family.
Coaching can help equip parents and children to learn new tools in how to give the whole family a voice. Through this process, children can also learn healthy relational skills and gain resiliency skills to better face their challenges as they grow and mature.  
My goal is to come alongside families and help them build bridges to heal and restore broken or strained relationships in the whole family.

Are you ready for healing and change?

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