Be Real Series

Pornography - The Impact

This is a small, yet powerfully informative booklet that exposes the destructive path that pornography takes in our lives. But this is not just another publication that only brings awareness to the topic of porn. This booklet gives deep insight into how the porn industry is so pervasive and how they use the power of imagery to get a foothold into our lives. The lies of porn are exposed in this booklet in a no holds bar illustrations of how porn distorts our perceptions. The lies about what true intimacy is, viewing men and women as sex objects, and the toxic influences it has on our sex charged culture are all discussed in ways you have probably never before encountered in such a conveniently small booklet. We shine the light on hope for change. The booklet's message can be the breakthrough for anyone struggling with porn addiction, or someone you love or care about who is. You will not want to miss out on the opportunity to have this as a resource for you, your family and your church or organization. Order yours today!