Media Highlights of Gene McConnell

Gene McConnell is a subject matter expert and recognized resource for what it means to experience true fulfillment through authentic relationships.  

Gene's response to trends in our culture offers unique and uplifting perspectives.  We view ourselves through societal shifts, but Gene's responses are enlightening and promote freedom and courage to change.

Understanding Shame Pt. 1
Disarming the power of porn and human sex trafficking
You cannot heal what you hide
Dollar Bill Analogy
Authentic Relationships International
Catacumba 5
Response to Hugh Hefner legacy

The Real Legacy of Playboy Inc.

Hugh Hefner, founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, recently died at the age of 91. In the brief time since his passing, dozens of articles that portray and celebrate his legacy as a businessman and advocate for sexual freedom have been written. I personally struggle with my feelings about Hugh Hefner’s life work and legacy.

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Sex Buyers Can Change
Sex Buyers Can Change Podcast
Gene McConnell media highlights

Are We Allowing the Harvey Weinstein's of the World?

As allegations against Harvey Weinstein are mounting, we can’t resist shaking our heads in utter disgust. We are so angry at the extensive legacy of harm that the Weinstein network has brought upon countless vulnerable women and children. By “network” we mean, there is no comprehensible way that Harvey Weinstein committed these sexual assaults for decades without it being known, seen, and hidden by those in both his personal and professional network.

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Gene McConnell Media Highlights

Disturbing: How Could Anyone Think That Child Sex Dolls Were a Good Idea?

Children being used for sex is perversion. And Sexbots – child sex dolls – are a dangerous fuel that feeds this perversion. Child sex dolls are a tease. They are a taste. They aggravate and multiply the sinful and perverted desire of those who seek to consume children for their own morbid, sexual pleasure. Who are we kidding here? Are we, as a society, seriously considering catering to and feeding this toxic and depraved thinking?

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Hope Restored featuring Gene McConnell

Addressing Demand in our Porn Saturated Culture

Hope Restored Canada features Gene McConnell in their October blog. Click the image above to visit their blog and read more

Gene McConnell Media Highlights

The Impact and Legacy of Shame: How Christians Can Help Others On The Road To Recovery And Redemption

I was 6 years old. We had just celebrated my birthday, and I was so excited because I had actually gotten the exact gift I had hoped for!
A real cowboy outfit, complete with chaps, a vest, a cowboy hat, and of course, the dual pistols that would make any cowboy feel complete. I felt such tremendous pride when I wore this, I truly felt like I was on top of the world.
I’ll never forget the pain and confusion of the moment I was first molested. I had trusted her; she was my babysitter.

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