To end Human Sex Trafficking

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Understanding Shame

We were created for much more that what we have experienced in life.  Shame sabotages everything we need in order to have a healthy relationship with God, with others and with ourselves.

Shame attaches itself to our very core and distorts the way we see ourselves.  Through the distorted lens of shame, we often believe it’s lies that tells us we are not worthy of true, authentic connection with others:

“If you truly knew me, you would not want me”

We all desperately want deep, meaningful connections with the ones closest to us and ultimately, everyone we encounter – in our homes, our families, our job and beyond.

In replace of true connection, we will often look for counterfeits.  We often settle for shallow, surface level relationships that does not satisfy our deep-seated need for true connection.  We fear letting people know who we authentically are, thinking that if they knew our flaws, surely they would judge and reject us.

We all have flaws.  We have all made mistakes. We have all made bad decisions in life.  Because of this, NO ONE is immune from shame.  None of us are ALONE.

Shame is one of the biggest reasons why many turn to pornography and prostitution (both workers and those who consume). 

There must be a way to dispel the lies of shame.  There must be a way to prevent shame from allowing us to heal unhealthy thoughts about ourselves, our relationships, and how God sees us.

Our initiatives were created to be a SOLUTION to what creates shame.  They are the answer and solution to how shame works behind the scenes in those who create the demand side of pornography and sex slavery.

“True redemption can be seen and is not hidden.”

-Gene McConnell-

Our Initiatives

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Power of Porn

The Power of Porn

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Power of Porn

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Human Sex Trafficking

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Pursuing the Hidden Heart

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Authentic Manhood

Authentic Manhood

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Authentic Manhood

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