Disturbing - How could anyone think that child sex dolls were a good idea?

Pursuing the Hidden Heart

Gene McConnell, Alisa Drake.  Co-authors, January 19, 2018

Children being used for sex is perversion. And Sexbots – child sex dolls – are a dangerous fuel that feeds this perversion.

Child sex dolls are a tease. They are a taste. They aggravate and multiply the sinful and perverted desire of those who seek to consume children for their own morbid, sexual pleasure.

Who are we kidding here? Are we, as a society, seriously considering catering to and feeding this toxic and depraved thinking?

These dolls can’t cry, they can’t bleed, they can’t call out, they can’t tremble, and they are unable to tell. And as a result, consumers of these dolls will become more and more desensitized and detached from their ability to recognize that children are real human beings whose lives can and will be destroyed by one selfish act.

The only people who truly promote this product are the ones who stand to profit from it and the pedophiles who do not desire recovery. The remaining, significant majority, reside in the camp of objection.

Okay, so let’s set aside the idea of child-like dolls and sex for a moment and consider these few questions: Does “near-beer” satisfy the alcoholic? Does a winning round satisfy the gambler? Does porn satisfy the sex addict? Does just “one more hit” satisfy the junkie?

No. No. No. And no.

A doll will no more be enough for a child predator than a fake beer is to an alcoholic. Getting as close as you can to the edge without going over is not the aim of an addict. It’s the “going over” that drives them down the rabbit hole and into the arms of tolerance. Tolerance is defined by a need for markedly increased amounts to achieve the desired effect.

The thrill of the chase can only last so long before their hands reach out for my child or yours.

The counterfeit will not diminish the desire but only serve to intensify it. What happens when the doll no longer satisfies the need? If you don’t already know, just ask one in four girls or one in six boys who are victims already. Or feel free to contact one of us – the authors of this article.

The bottom line is, consuming a false counterfeit will never satisfy.  

Child-sex-doll advocates (aka: money hungry, soulless, child sex abuse accomplices) who claim this product will be a solution to the problem and/or a theoretical “deterrent for pedophilia” clearly do not have any understanding of the psychology of the issue. We cannot be naive enough to fall for their greedy lie that this product is in the “name of recovery.” Profiteers will do anything to sell their ware.  

The desire for children as a sex partner is highly destructive thinking and needs to be changed, not encouraged. If you don’t change the toxic thinking … you change nothing.  Child sex dolls communicate that the compulsion is okay, as long as real children aren’t involved.

But the desire to have sex with children is not okay. It is never okay. And it will never be okay.  

Like any other compulsive behavior or addiction, there is an unresolved root cause that leads to a toxic belief system which drives the compulsions of the child sex predator. These roots need to be uncovered and dealt with in ways that help reverse toxic thinking while protecting our most precious resource, our children.

Recovery is about change. Change in thinking. Change in patterns. Change in behaviors.

Have we really come to the place where seeking a “safe outlet” for pedophiles is a better solution than helping them change their distorted thinking?

A child sex doll will never truly scratch the itch. It will simply drive the urge to new depths and that’s exactly where we will have to go to retrieve the real, human children (OUR children) who become victims of blind tolerance and a cowardly catering to perversion in the name of wealth, equality, and political correctness.

Wherever you have the chance to be a voice in protecting our children from this perverted gateway to sexually harming our babies. Speak up and speak out. There is no greater resource in this life than our children. Let’s do everything in our power to protect them from being offered up on the altar of tolerance.

Gene McConnell & Alisa Drake

Gene McConnell & Alisa Drake

Gene McConnell is a popular speaker and author. His signature message, “The Power of Porn”, is about the sexualization of our culture and the impact it has upon individual lives, relationships, and communities. Gene was awarded Los Angeles County’s Citizen of the Year. Gene is in the leadership team at the renowned South Central Foundation in Anchorage, Alaska, fulfilling a vital role designing and delivering life-changing services for disenfranchised and under-served populations of native Alaskans.

Co-authored by Alisa L. Drake, MA, a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Alaska. She has spent the past 17 years working with adults whose lives have been impacted by sexual abuse, childhood trauma, sexual assault, domestic violence, and more. She currently works as a therapist and independent contractor, developing programs that address these traumas by providing a framework for healing and recovery.