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Equipping People to Achieve True Fulfillment Through Authentic Relationships

Welcome to Authentic Relationships Int.  We specialize in Fulfillment Through Authentic Relationships.

Many people never experience what a fulfilled life can be like.

What is lacking?

People often lack the skills or ability to build authentic and healthy relationships.  Authentic relationships are the life’s blood for happiness and fulfillment in every aspect of our lives.

There are many barriers to experiencing fulfillment through authentic relationships. It may be hurts or wounds from the past.  Perhaps it is pain in the present or toxic relational mindsets.   We often never take the time to understand how our toxic mindsets cripple our ability to relate to others. Our mindsets even cause us problems relating to ourselves!

How are we coping?

We go through life compensating for our wounds and hurts which comes at a price.  We often filter how we perceive ourselves and others through our own adaptations for our own personal struggles.

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Authentic Relationships Int. is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  We greatly appreciate any gift contributed to work of this ministry.

Authentic Relationships are the Life's Blood for

Relational Health coaching for addictive behavior
Overcoming All Addictions
Authentic Relationships International
Rewarding Working Relationships
Authentic Relationships International
Healthy Marriages
Authentic Relationships International
Harmonious Family Relationships

Can you Imagine True Fulfillment?

Have you spent a lifetime dealing with shame. Are you are challenged with fear or wounds that have prevented fulfillment?  The answer to this question probably seems beyond your grasp.

There IS hope!

ARI is dedicated to freeing people from the beliefs and toxic mindsets that prevents true Fulfillment Through Authentic Relationships.

Explore the Transformative Services of ARI

  • Authentic Relationships InternationalHealthy marriages
  • Fulfilled, healed family relationships
  • Freedom from addictions
  • Experiencing healthy relational boundaries.

Are any of these somehow beyond your grasp? Authentic Relationships Int. is dedicated to helping you achieve these in ways you never thought possible.

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Authentic Relationships InternationalWhat do you think your organization can achieve if it was able to harmonize the individualistic values and goals of each of its members, with the values and goals of each other, and of the organization as a whole?

ARI’s Organizational Relational Health Consulting goes beyond employee and management surveys identifying areas of improvement. We help organizations find the connection between its values and goals, with that of its members, that actually connects it’s people on a relational level. Can you picture simply moving beyond step by step “problem focused” measures to one where a harmonious atmosphere becomes second nature to your organization?

If desired, ARI can expand its services to include the development of tailor-made health and wellness programs that are designed to meet any organizations needs. We help organizations produce measurable results in increased productivity, better cohesion, a happier work force, and improved job satisfaction for all.

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Authentic Relationships Int.The outreach programs of Authentic Relationships International has positively impacted youth, students and people for over 20 years, both nationally and internationally.  We have developed outreach programs for youth from the Caribbean to Canada, as well as presented to thousands of college students across the nation.  We initially started with our proprietary program, Power of Porn TM, which exposes the pervasiveness of pornograpy in our modern day culture.  Since then, the need for addressing the sexualization of our culture and shame in our youth at younger ages has become paramount.   Shame affects all of us, none are immune from it’s ability to distort how we view ourselves and our relationships.

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Pursuing the Hidden HeartPursuing The Hidden Heart equips individuals to identify and address the issues of their past and present that makes it difficult for them to enter into healthy relationships.

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Keynote Speaking by Authentic Relationships Int.Gene is one of America’s foremost experts on shame. The impact of shame on all other relationships is where he specializes.  On this topic, Gene McConnell is highly sought out as a national and international speaker.  His expertise first came on to the national scene with his signature messages about the sexualization of our culture and the impact it has upon individual lives, relationships, and communities.

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ARI Health and Wellness RetreatA fuller and healthier life happens when we focus on our whole person. ARI, in cooperation with Bodies of Empowerment has designed a Health and Wellness initiative that WILL detoxify your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional/relational lives by providing a wellness retreat that will give you the opportunity to focus on yourself!

Proper nutrition is integrated during the entire retreat. Workshops are designed to help address toxic relational mindsets, promote individual growth and healing, and restore healthy, authentic relationships with ourselves and those we love.

Finally, activities including canoeing, zip line, hiking and four-wheeler excursions are sifted in during the entire retreat to provide healthy recreation that melts away the residue of a stress filled life.

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Gene McConnell, Authentic Relationships

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